Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It covers all techniques, processes and methodologies that are used to increase the rankings of the webpages in the search engines. The idea is to come up higher in these search results. The goal of the website owners is to rank higher in the search results for the target keywords. seo birmingham techniques help increase online traffic to the website.

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Who Needs SEO?

SEO is needed by all website owners who want to increase online traffic to their website. All companies, organisations and other entities that want to market and promote their websites, products and services use this option. It helps them increase online sales and traffic.

Why Is SEO Important?

The purpose of developing a website is to disseminate information to the maximum number of people. A commercial website is developed to attract customers or clients. An informational website is developed to disseminate information to the general public or a target group. The goal in all these cases is to reach as many people as possible. Search engine optimisation remains the best way to reach the largest number of people. Most people looking for any product, service or information first search through a search engine website. They type their search keyword in the search engine's text box and click its search button. The search engine shows webpages related to the searched keyword term. It helps them find what they are searching quickly and easily. Most people do not click more than the first few web links that appear in the search results. It means only those websites that come up higher in these results have a chance of getting traffic. It becomes necessary to rank higher in these search results because there can be hundreds of online sellers selling the same product or service.

What Is Needed to Do SEO?

Two types of techniques are used to improve the SEO - onsite and offsite. The onsite SEO involves designing and developing the website according to the SEO guidelines of the search engines. The written contents should have the right keywords. The contents should be placed on the webpages with proper tags. The offsite SEO involves placing links at other websites. These links point to the website that is being optimised for the search engines.

What Factors Play a Part in SEO?

The way a website is programmed plays an important part in its search engine ranking. The search engine bots should get all required data from the website so they can index it properly in their lists. The target keywords should be in the webpage title, meta-description and written contents of the webpage. All broken links at the parent website as well as other websites pointing towards the parent website should be fixed in time. It is important to get links from the authority websites that have higher ranking in search engines. The keywords should be researched well to find the most suitable target keywords. The written contents should meet the SEO guidelines related to the content quality, number of words, number of keywords, and percentage of keywords.